Liberating Organisational Potential Through Healthy Leadership

We’re here to

Liberate your true potential

There is a demand for change in today’s business culture. People are not satisfied with business being a cold, analytically driven, competitive pursuit to deliver results. It needs to be more.

At Red Emu, we know a better way.

A way where business is a spirited pursuit of every individual.

A place founded in the wellbeing of people.

A business that is not about being better than others, it is about being better with others.

We’re here to liberate the true potential that sits within an organisation, to unlock that potential that sits within every leader.

We create safe environments of trust, authenticity and vulnerability. Where leaders are individuals, where they’re given permission to be themselves and integrate their personality and values into their role.

Because we know that healthy leadership shapes a healthy workforce. And a healthy workforce truly prospers.

Our Guiding Framework

Virtuous Circle of
Healthy Leadership

Virtuous Circle of Healthy Leadership

Healthy Leadership and business performance is all about alignment.

Alignment from the CEO through to the front line. Does everyone understand what is important right now?

Red Emu works with clients to ensure that leadership teams are aligned and working effectively together to create an organisational climate where all employees can thrive.

Leadership team effectiveness is at the core of what we do. A highly effective Leadership Team creates an organisation that people want to be a part of – whether that be as employee, customer or supplier. And these organisations outperform their peers.

Our Values

Birds of a feather
We partner to make a difference. We won’t leave until we do.
Part of the mob
When we work with a client, we are their greatest supporter, cheering them on as we go through their journey with them.
Wide Open
We create conditions of honesty and sincerity, because we know this is how we get the most out of people.
We aren’t one size fits all and we don’t do one size fits all. We start every encounter by listening, understanding and tailoring to the needs of our clients.